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Unwritten Vaping Rules About Vaping

Vaping It surprises me that even at this moment and times there is somebody who confuses a vaper as being a smoker. One thing that distinguishes a vaper from a smoker is that a vaper neither smokes tobacco nor are they responsible in any way in the facilitation of passive smoking. But it is very important that you learn some vaping etiquette.

Some of you might be surprised since this is the first time that you may be hearing this word. It is a term that is rarely used. That is why it is very important because your vaping mannerism is important to you and the people around you too.

A majority of us know that E-Cigs are safer compared to the ordinary cigarette. More than once it has been proven that e-cigs are better health wise than the ordinary cigarettes. However, the e-cigarette smoking concept is new to many as it uses e-liquids like black note e juice instead of the ordinary nicotine. Hence one should exercise caution when using them. Many people still don’t understand this, and they confuse vaping with ordinary smoking. But as we all know this is a real world and everybody is entitled to their opinion. This is the major reason why every vapor needs to understand that there are unwritten rules that govern vaping.

Vaping rules in a social setting

Like the social drinking phenomenon, social vaping is still new and thus not very common. This is why one is advised to be careful when they are vaping in public. If at one time you did smoke, then you already know that there are restrictions on smoking anywhere thus you should apply the same logic to control your vaping.

These rules will be very important to every vapor as they will ensure that everybody maintained the necessary and required vaping etiquette. They are:

When you are outdoor

When you feel like you have the urge of vaping while you are outside your house, you are advised to find a place that is less crowded. You might want to inquire from the people who are around you if they could mind you vaping in their presence. Some of them may be skeptical about the idea, since they may think that vaping will cause them harm. Take it upon yourself and try to convince them that vaping is not that bad.

Children and pets

It is essential that you exercise caution when you are around children and pets. In general, it is not a good idea to vape when any children or pets are around you. In case you are trapped in a place where children are, and you can’t help it, then you are advised to find a secluded place and smoking

Where can one vape in public

One of the best few places that one can vape comfortably is in a pub. Many of them nowadays accept vaping as they have turned to vaping from smoking.

Strictly no vaping

It is not good manners nor will it be forgiven if you vape in a restaurant more especially when the waiter is serving the food. You should not vape in buses, trains, theaters or when using any public transport means.

By adhering to the above and many other rules, you won’t interfere with anybody’s peace while enjoying your vape