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IPhone Or Android?

iPhone or Android? This is a question many people have asked. You could be wondering which one of these two fits you. Well, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and find out which one is ok for you.

Advantages of Android

• An Android phone can perform many activities concurrently. One can put the music on, browse, Facebook and do other many tasks simultaneously.
• Notifications are displayed on the home screen, meaning that you won’t miss any activity. The blinking LED indicator aids this.
• Android App Market offers many Apps for you. You can download and install games, photo editors and so much to your phone using this feature.
• Androids give you the chance to install a modified ROM in case you would like to have a better view of the android other than the standard one.
• Androids offer widget and so from your home screen, you can easily and quickly access settings.

Disadvantages of Androids

Androids• Infection by viruses is something that affects androids, especially when installing a modified ROM as you never know whether it contains malicious files or not.
• Even though it is possible for you to stop the default applications to safe on the charge, some ROMs can consume much battery than usual something that affects the battery.
• Rooting your phone means that your warranty ends there. If this is done and you require a service by the company, then you will have to be charged. Yes, there is a un-root option, but in most cases, this is not easy.

Advantages of iPhone

• iPhone has a FaceTime feature. It is an incredible feature which enables one to have video chats with other iPhone users using the front camera. It beats the geographical challenge whereby one can communicate with family, friends, and clients.
• The iCloud feature reduces your hassle in transferring data. This feature enables you to transfer data, photos, music and contacts to other Apple products such as iPads, iPods, and Mac computers.
• An advanced camera is also an advantage of iPhones. For example, the iPhone 6 offers a 1.2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera, with a high-resolution autofocus and a LED flash.
• It offers many apps, from which one can choose. Some are free while others can be downloaded from the Apple’s Apps store to the phone.

Disadvantages of iPhone

iPhoneIt does not have a dust proof protection either is it water resistant.
• The battery is not removable.
• It does not have FM, so you will not listen to FM radio unless you get a programming on your phone to enable this.
• It does not support a microSD, so the memory size is not expandable.